In-home Pet Sitting Services

In-home Pet Sitting Services


Get the very "BEST" when you’re not there!

Located in the Antelope Valley, My Pawz N Clawz mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind. Leaving your pets at home while you are away is stressful unless you call on us to come out and care for them. Taking care of our clients’ pets and homes as if they were our own is top priority on our list. We take pride in your family member's well being, making sure they are fed, walked, let out to go potty, not alone all day, and most importantly loved.

My Pawz N Clawz will provide your dogs with the love and care they need and make sure your home looks lived in while you’re away to eliminate uninvited guest.    







Quality Puppy Care in Los Angeles

Benefits of keeping your pet(s) at home...

puppy sittingYour pets don't feel abandoned when they stay in the comfort of their own home

dog walkingEliminates drop off & picking up time to and from a kennel.

San Fernando dog walkingPrevents chances of contracting fleas or getting illness from other pets in the kennel.

Pitbull puppies for sale - Los AngelesWill keep your house safe & sound and in order while you are out.

in house doggie day careYour pets get one on one attention

puppy day careYou won't have to search for friends or family memebers who may be to busy to give them the special attention they need

in house dog sittingThey will get their medication/daily supplement as needed without missing a dose

in home pet sitting in los angeles countyAvailable 24/7 for your calls to see how your pet (s) and home are doing